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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  July 11, 2011 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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i am speechless. this is fox 5 news at 10:00. we're following breaking news right off the top tonight. a series of storms some packing fierce wind, rain and lightning tear trying the area tonight.
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check this out, video caught just in the last hour from our tower cam. watch as the thick dark clouds roll over the district and pouring rain and lightning hit so heavy so hard you can hardly see a thing. the fox 5 storm force all over this one tonight it. sue palka is in the weather center with the very latest, a track of these storms and i know the lightning is coming with a vengeance now. >> lightning has been a really big deal. that picture we just showed looking south on our tower cam down wisconsin avenue unbelievable and a lot of our viewers said it looked like a mother ship was coming in with that cloud deck and we are still seeing a lot of lightning. we are looking south on wisconsin avenue as mentioned. that lightning is actually in calvert county and also charles county. that's how much lightning there is and we still have a number of warnings. so it's not over yet, folks. let's go to radar. we've got about a dozen counties lit up in yellow mainly east of d.c., but you can see the action now is over in the bay down across southern
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charles county and st. mary's county. these storms are moving east to southeast at about 35 miles an hour. that is rather slow. what they're doing is not only taking down trees everywhere they hit, the big report tonight, lots of tree damage, but the lightning show has been unbelievable and very dangerous. a lot of this is cloud-to- ground lightning. one thing it has done. it was terribly hot and humid today. that was the fuel thor these storms. our temperature right now is -- for these storms. our temperature right now is down to 70 degrees. we were 95 today. that has brought a little leaf, but unfortunately we won't be in the -- relief, but unfortunately we won't be in the relief for long. a heat advisory is up for tomorrow. it's going to be another hot and humid day. we think records will be broke and there is still a chance for a few more thunderstorms. tonight we'll continue to watch what has been happening. we're not off the look yet. these storms are still really pounding across the bay headed to the eastern shore. more breaking news we are
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following tonight, lightning touched off a house fire in rockville. fox 5's audrey barnes is there tonight. audrey, what do you know about this? >> reporter: about 8:30 tonight people living here on whipper will lane heard the loudest lightning crack they have ever heard and the next 30 seconds they said the skies lit up like daytime. they knew something very close had been hit and as it turns out, it was the house behind me. this is the second time that house has been hit by lightning and damage. this family renovated that house about five years ago and tonight it looks like they'll be doing it once again. most of the fire damage has been confined to the attic area. i'm going to bring in martha lundberg right now. what did that lightning sound like? >> just a huge crack. i jumped off the couch, went outside, didn't see anything right away and a few minutes later my former husband called and said there was a fire on
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whipperwill lane. it was very bright, brighter than the nighttime sky. it was before the fire trucks had actually come. the police cars had come, but one fire truck had just come up and a little scary, but everyone was safe. >> reporter: you saw the family emerge from the house? >> yes. they came out and called 911. by the time i had gotten out they had just called 911, mother, father, child and the dog. >> reporter: thank you very much. once again i'm in the 12000 block of whipperwill lane in rockville, the second time this house has been struck by damage, serious damage, firefighters hard at work. back to you. we're following another developing story tonight, dramatic video from montgomery county. crews have been on the scene of a gas main break in clarkbsurg since this afternoon. this is the scene a short time ago, debris flying out of a manhole spewing some sort of
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smoke on route 121 near i-270. the break shut down 270 both directions. it just reopened minutes ago. the ramp is still closed at 121, no injuries reported. surrounding neighborhoods are deemed safe. now to a shocking twist in a murder mystery. police say the victim was not only stabbed with a box cutter, but beaten with a chainsaw and his shop set on fire. they say this woman was behind it all. fox 5's bob barnard working this tonight. bob? >> she was arrested 11 days ago, but prince george's county police only told us about it today. they say ashley owen and the well known business owner she's accused of killing knew each other, but what allegedly set off her murderous rampage is still a mystery. behind a locked chain link fence at the intersection after nauplius and landover roads in bladensburg the seven -- of annapolis and landover roads in
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bladensburg the seven market stand is an erie sight, the owner stabbed and his business set on fire. >> he's a good guy. i knew him since i was little. my dad knows him, my family and that's sad what happened to him. >> reporter: now this woman seen inside the store not long before the murder has been arrested and charged in the case. this surveillance video, the break police say they needed. her name is ashley domonique owens, 23 years old. police say she confessed to stabbing mr. nam with a box cutter, beating him with a chainsaw, stealing $2,000 in cash, then torching the seven market with gasoline to try to cover the crime. >> i think it's crazy. why you going to kill somebody? he don't do nothing wrong to nobody. he's a good guy. he was a good guy. still is in my heart, though, god rest his soul. >> reporter: richard nam owned not only his corner market, but this strip mall across the street and much of the nearby commercial property. he was landlord to many.
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>> when they found out, they were crying. my mom and dad were crying. he was praying. everybody knows him and they felt sorry for the family. >> reporter: which has suffered before. nine years ago richard nam's sister-in-law was shot to death during a robbery also inside the store. >> we identified three defendants in that case, charged them all, convicted them all. they're all serving life sentences. >> reporter: what about the alleged killer in this case? ashley owens lived in this hyattsville apartment community. a man and woman inside her unit would not come to the door when we knocked told us they had no comment. police tell us they're not sure what motivated the savage crime. owens is being held on $1 million bond. she has only one prior arrest in maryland for trespassing and disorderly conduct, charges that were eventually dropped. >> such a brutal crime. do police think owens acted alone? >> right now she's the only one charged and appeared to be alone in the surveillance video, but prince george's
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county police say their investigation is not over. so perhaps they've got something else. montgomery county police now offering a hefty reward for information leading to an arrest in a nearly year old murder case. police say tyshon jones shot and killed 27-year-old julian kelly in silver spring last august. three systems have been arrested and charge -- three suspects have been arrested and charged with murder. jones was last seen in silver spring. the victim's family is urging him anyone to come forward with information. >> i hope you take advantage of this opportunity for the reward money. i don't want that to be the only reason why. i think that making the community safer and not having someone who is dangerous there. >> anyone who knows anything should contact crime solvers of montgomery county. take a close look at this surveillance county. prince george's county police need your help tracking down the men you see here wanted in
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connection with a shooting at the budget inn in temple hills over the weekend. a teenage boy was shot, expected to be okay. if you recognize anybody in that video, give police a call. staying on top of a developing story tonight, with the exploration of the debt ceiling looming the president and speaker john boehner going at it again today. tom fitzgerald has been following this for a long time and the latest developments today. where are we with this? >> it was really remarkable today, laura. we had the president of the united states and speaker of the house john boehner at lager head. basically the democrats say they've agreed to trillion dollars worth of cuts and republicans are saying we will not agree to new taxes. this is a stark contrast. both sides say they want a deal and a deal is necessary, but tonight as we have been for weeks, there is still no deal on the debt ceiling. looking ready to deal president obama didn't have much time, though, to deal with the white
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house press photographers monday. >> all right, guys. this is the same shot you had yesterday except we're wearing ties today. >> reporter: but while the clothes may have changed from sunday's negotiations, the results haven't. there is still no deal to raise the $14.3 trillion debt ceiling by the august 2nd deadline. >> now is the time to deal with these issues. if not now, when? >> reporter: on sunday the president proposed $4 trillion worth of budget cuts over the next 10 years. republicans are holding up the deal by refusing to go along with raising taxes on the wealthy. >> we should have revenues and the best place to get those revenues are from folks like me who have been extraordinarily fortunate and that millionaires and billionaires can afford to pay a little bit more. >> reporter: but that little bit according to the republicans amounts to $1 trillion in new taxes. the gop leaders labeled it dead on arrival.
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>> the house cannot pass a bill that raises taxes on job creators. >> reporter: calling the democrats' proposal not serious, house speaker john boehner says with a 9.2% unemployment rate raising taxes on businesses and the wealthy would only set the economy back. >> the president continues to insist on raising taxes and they're just not serious enough about fundamental entitlement reform to solve the problem for the near to intermediate future. >> reporter: the one thing that won't be in the immediate future is a temporary stopgap deal. the president said monday he would only sign a long term deal to leave both the clock and the pressure on negotiations. >> so we've heard august 2nd is the deadline big thrown around. how realistic is that? how hard is that deadline? >> you're right. we're always hearing with b these deadlines. technically -- about these deadlines. technically and for real we reached the deadline back in may. the treasury department said august 2nd is the day we'll
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actually be able to pay these bills. it's interesting because if you talk to people on capitol hill they're saying a week from friday, july 22nd, is the actual date they need a deal in place by in order to avoid that august 2nd deadline. so it's even closer than a lot of the conversation has led you to believe. >> not much time left. thanks, tom fitzgerald. as you all know, we've been following the metro escalator breakdowns for months here. so you've got to wonder why we're reporting on a perfectly working one. what's so special about these steps next. plus the prime minister, even the monarchy targeted by a growing phone hacking scandal in britain, details on the growing investigation at 10:30. 
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monitoring metro tonight and some good news for metro riders. there's a new escalator rolling into the foggy bottom station, but it's the first time in over a decade the transit agency has installed a new one. fox 5's wisdom martin shows us why this is such a significant development to riders.
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>> reporter: at the foggy bottom metro having a working escalator is a big deal. >> it's working. that's awesome. that's an exciting thing. >> yes. glad to have the escalators work. >> reporter: having a brand-new escalator is an even bigger deal. >> it was kind of cool to have it, you know, something new for us. i mean we pay a lot of money to ride the metro, so i figured it would help us out, but i don't think a lot of people knew it. >> reporter: it's the first brand-new escalator in the entire metro system in more than 15 years. >> you don't think people will get excited about something like this. it's an escalator, but for people at foggy bottom who have dealt with this day in, day out with unreliable escalators. >> reporter: broken escalators have been a problem for years. flash back to october 30th, 2010. several people were injured when the brakes failed at l'enfant plaza causing the escalator to speed up. >> unfortunately the maintenance over the years that would have kept these units going longer wasn't done at the
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appropriate time. >> reporter: now as part of the project metro forward $150 million has been set aside to repair and replace escalators over the next few years. >> we're putting in not the lowest bid kind of escalators. we're putting in escalators that are rugged industrial strength. >> reporter: for metro passengers any movement is a step in the right direction. >> really i mean it's nice. it's bettup it for sure and it's spoot. so i like it. >> we're in a -- smooth. so i like it. >> we're in a hole. we're digging out of it. it's going to take a couple years to get us back to where we want to be, but we are making progress and that's what today really indicates. >> reporter: wisdom martin, fox 5 news. >> as part of this project foggy bottom will get two more new escalators, a staircase and canopy. of the 588 metro escalators about 100 were out of service today. if you want to help us monitor metro, take pictures, snap a shot, anything that looks broken, causing problems. send it to fox 5 metro at
10:18 pm a consumer alert tonight and a big embarrassment for pepco. the utility is the most hated company in the country according to the american customer satisfaction index. this is reports pepco's rating declined 16 points from last year beating out companies like delta, comcast and bank of america for the no. 1 spot. jason maloney is a reputation management expert with strategy communications. sounds like they need you right now. thanks for being with us tonight. so pepco has known for some time its customers are not happy and now it's come to this. how did they let it get this far? >> well, they've had this issue for some time now. it's going to take some years for them to rebuild that reputation or build that reputation as it were. you can't talk your way out of a problem that you acted your way into. pepco feeds to understand performance is the problem. it's not customer satisfaction surveys. it's a performance issue and
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accountability issue. >> but isn't there something they could do to appease their customers, do something? >> i don't think it's going to take words. it will take action. pepco needs to make performance and customer satisfaction a part of the dna of every employee top to bottom. when it's a blackout, you're not getting information from a hotline or website. very often as i have in the past you've gone down to the corner and you're talking to somebody in a hard hat for information. all those people need good answers. that people find reassuring and believable and ideally that message is hey, the power is coming back on soon and it does. >> speaking of the words and soundbites, pepco did release this statement which we want to read. they say, "while we certainly believe this label is over the top, we have heard our customers loud and clear and are working hard to upgrade our system. we are committed to upgrading and modernizing our system through hard work and advanced technology." what's your reaction to that? >> whether it's over the top or not is irrelevant. they have no standing to
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criticize. i've seen them making excuses about the number of trees in washington. excuses got to go out the door. they need to be accountable and make performance. >> they say we are trying to turn things it around and want our customers to have good service. what do they ultimately need to do to turn things around? does it have one year, two years of good service, no problems or how long will this take? >> it's going to take many years to regain the trust of consumers and it's possible. they just need to take the right steps in the right direction. when the power goes out, it has to be a rare circumstance and come back on quickly. >> pretty simple and very embarrassing for pepco. thanks very much, jason maloney. everybody around here knows the usual traffic trouble spots out there, but now this spot about to become the latest. find out how a move weeks away could tie up traffic for years to come.
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the kincaids live here. across the street, the padillas. ben and his family live here, too. ben's a re/max agent, and he's a big part of this community. there are lots of reasons why re/max agents average more sales than other agents. experience, certainly. but maybe it's also because they care about the markets they serve and the neighbors who rely on them. nobody sells more real estate than re/max.
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might want to avoid canal road in northwest for the rest of the summer. crews will be working on a 48- inch water main on the eastbound side between macarthur and 35th street. they'll shut town a lane monday through friday 9:30 to -- down a lane monday through friday 9:30 to 3:30 and if they need to, they'll do it from 9 a.m. through 4 p.m. that work is scheduled through september 1st. a maryland senator said there will be direct funding to help our area when walter reed army medical center moves in. senator cardin toured the national naval medical center today and karen gray houston explains why some people aren't convinced the government can do enough to help. >> reporter: getting back and forth from the naval hospital across wisconsin avenue to the medical center metro station is already a challenge. people are coping the best way they can, with an eye to the future. >> i don't drive and i'm native
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new yorker, so it's going to be what it's going to be, but they're on their way. >> reporter: with 2,500 walter reed hospital employees and 60% of its patients moving here it will only get worse. >> there is still going to be significant gridlock in this area. >> reporter: senator cardin took a tour of the national naval center which already has 5,000 employees of its own and the fisher house, a temporary home to relatives who come to visit wounded warriors. the good news he says is that with the move from walter reed near months down the road help is already on the way. >> we got the direct funding under the defense access program that will bring money to this area to deal with the unique traffic problems of wisconsin avenue. >> reporter: but tell that to people who live nearby. right across the street from the military hospital. all they can think about is the expected traffic nightmare. >> because it's awful now
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getting out on wisconsin avenue during rush hour traffic, especially from 3:00 on. it's terrible. >> reporter: a few blocks down the street at the 8000 barbershop there were fewer complaints. >> it's going to be great. it's going to be great. >> reporter: why do you say that? >> there are going to be a lot of business for us. >> reporter: he's less concerned about parking and traffic woes, but for those who are, metro says it's on target for that pedestrian tunnel under wisconsin avenue, plus a second entrance to the medical center station all funded through brac. karen gray houston, fox 5 news. >> there's no realtime line for when that tunnel will be finished, but construction will start in the next year or so. britain's phone hacking scandal is growing by the day, journalists accused of putting some of britain's biggest names at riskism plus you have to hear what a cleaning crew found on -- risk. plus you have to hear what a cleaning crew found on a jetblue flight coming up. r r lt
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you're watching fox 5 news at 10:00. federal investigators are trying to figure out how a stun gun made it on board a jetblue airplane. the weapon was found in the seat back pocket by a cleaning crew friday night. that plane had just flown from boston to newark. the fbi says it doesn't appear the stun gun was intended to be used in an attack. they're now focusing on how the stun gun got on the plane. the scandal surrounding rupert murdoch's media empire keeps growing, new allegations employees of news international acted their way into personal information about britain's royals and the former prime minister. that company is part of news corporation which is the this station's -- this station's parent company. ashley webster with the latest on the trouble. >> reporter: this is the final edition of the news of the world and the end of the road for the british paper. news corp. owner rupert murdoch is pulling the plug acknowledging journalists were hacking into
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the personal detail of thousands of people without permission. >> he should make people at news international who are responsible for what happened in sense that it happened on their watch take responsibility and resign. >> reporter: was anyone safe from prying eyes, the hacking racket now including more than 10 royals and staff members, even former prime minister gordon brown. reporters allegedly peered into his bank account and peeked into his son's medical records over a period of 10 years. >> i know what's come to light. it was obtained by what appeared to be illegal methods. >> reporter: be recollect a brooks was editor for two years at the paper -- rebecca brooks was editor for two years at the paper but denies knowledge. murr to being has agreed to open his -- murdoch has agreed to open his books to regulators as he moves toward the purchase
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of broadcaster bb. some say he's too close to news corp. executives and says the company needs to get its house in order. >> i think he should focus on clearing this up rather than the next corporate move. >> reporter: now there's news from shareholders in the united states filing suit against news corp. the sue says news corp. failed to properly over-- the suit says news corp. failed to properly oversee news of the world and cites this hacking scandal as proof. here's a question for you. should d.c.'s top city job come with a salary cap? current police chief cathy lanier makes $253,817 a year. of that 230,000 is base pay. the rest is from departmentwide increases and extra pay for her 20 years of service. the school's chancellor makes $275,000. there are some on the council who think neither position should make any more. joining us tonight is ward 4 councilwoman mary shea. thank you for coming in. i think a lot of people would
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say they should make a lot less. >> we have a top executive compensation salary of $179,000 if the mayor wants to pay more, he has to come to the council for approval. so he's done two things in legislation he sent over. one, he asked for salary that wants excess of 179 for four positions and asked for us to create two new tiers that would allow salaries to be raised even though council approval would be necessary. out of my committee today presenting to the council for tomorrow's vote we have eliminated entirely the creations of new tiers. first of all, executive cabinet officials only make 199. so it's a little bit out of balance, but the four positions are occupied by folks who have done a very good job and have entered into contractual arrangements and we finally concluded that we weren't going to take away money, but we
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wanted to ensure that there's no more money and no more escalators. we'll just use one example, police chief. her total compensation is $253,000. she started four years ago at 170 some thousand and because of retention pay, longevity pay, agreement to pay her the same percentage that the police got by bargaining, it's now ballooned to 253. >> right. >> we have to cap that. >> let me ask when did civil service become, you know, a career and a very lucrative career? isn't there supposed to be some sort of civic duty in all this? >> well, there surely is and, of course, it's not just that you are serving the public and from whatever you get out of that. the truth of the matter is these are high profile jobs and they're jobs i imagine that people enjoy and so there are a lot of other things. there's status and the opportunity to do good things that really are forms of compensation as well, but the truth is in times when we've
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been furloughing employees, letting other employees go, we have financial constraints, the public would be outraged i think to simply let this go on and on and on. if you didn't cap it, you could have a salary for the police chief in short order of over $300,000. we're not going to do that. >> it seems like everybody is tightening their belts and they expect the city to do the same. >> by the way, can i say i'm from ward 3? >> my apologies. thank you for coming in tonight. it is the kick everyone is talking about right now and it came off the foot of a local g you to this soccer star coming up. but first fears about the economy at home and abroad hitting wall street very hard. fox's sandra smith has details in tonight's business report. >> stocks in america diving on new fears the european debt crisis is spreading. eu officials holding an emergency meeting on hopes that italy could be the next country in line for bailout.
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that had investors bailing out of stocks big time by closing off the lows of the session. meantime after the bell on monday alcoa kicking off earnings season, second quarter earnings rising from last year. sales coming in above expectations. soaring aluminum prices helped boost the bottom line. nestle striking a sweet deal agreeing to pay $1.7 billion for a majority stake in china's biggest katiemaker. it's one of the largest deals ever -- candymaker. it's one of the largest deals ever by a foreign company. now duncan brands is -- now dunkin brands is looking to raise as much as $460 million pricing 22 million shares at 16 to $18 each. that's business. i'm sandra smith.
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the latest now on a developing story in syria. the u.s. and france are both accusing syrian forces of reacting too slowly as governor loyalists attacked embassies in damascus. the american government has formally filed a protest and calls the attacks outrageous. demonstrators raised a syrian flag over the u.s. embassy, smashed windows and spray painted graffiti calling the ambassador a dog. they're angry about a visit from french and american diplomats last week they say undermined syrian stability. leon panetta is visiting iraq for the first time as defense secretary. panetta visited troops in baghdad today thanking them for their service. he's also putting pressure on iraqi leaders for stronger action to stop attacks on u.s. forces. there has been an increase in
10:41 pm
deadly attacks on u.s. troops by shiite militias using weapons that military leaders say are being supplied by iran. panetta will meet with the top u.s. military and diplomatic representatives before he meets with iraqi leader to discuss whether some of the 46,000 u.s. troops will remain there past december. the final flight of the space shuttle atlantis delivered a year's supply of groceries today to the international space station. the atlantis docked with the space station yesterday and today astronauts used a robotic arm to unload a container the size of a bus. flight controllers decided that a piece of space junk won't be a threat to the only spacewalk planned for this last mission. they determined the former soviet satellite will stay about 11 miles from the space station. new tonight on the news edge the battle to own a handgun in the district. city council may finally have a solution to comply with the supreme court order, but is it enough to help the city avoid expensive lawsuits? plus a cold case
10:42 pm
investigation takes a twist, why the fbi is going through facebook and e-mail accounts of a murdered teenager at 11:00. we make the time to celebrate birthdays and anniversaries, but what we should also be celebrating are the moments. the ones that could have been just another day but became extraordinary memories.
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moments when we learn about the world that came before us and a little more about ourselves. let's celebrate together. colonial williamsburg. come, be part of the story. plan your stay at, with packages starting at just $99 per person per night.
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she is a soccer player molded on the fields of prince william county and now she's in the worldwide spotlight. the u.s. women's world cup team was running out of team yesterday when they pulled off a stunning come back and a player from dumfries, virginia, was a major part of that win. as fox 5's beth parker shows us, she is a hometown hero tonight. >> reporter: 14-month-old won't is moving fast. he can -- owe -- 14-month-old owen is moving fast. he can already say the word ball when his family is saying go allie. allie bought this jersey for little owen, a prince william county native who helped her
10:46 pm
team in a come from behind win against brazil. kristen was yelling so loudly she frightened baby owen. >> i think we scared the daylights out of him a couple times, my mom and i jumping and screaming. >> reporter: bruner played soccer with allie as kids. her dad say coach. >> it's almost surreal to say i've played with her. that's exciting. >> reporter: when allie played at forest park, she was gatorade's virginia player of the year and took her team to the state quarterfinals. her coach knew the first time he saw her play that she was something special. >> once in a lifetime type of talent that you kind of go thank you, glad to have you. >> reporter: david crestwell coached her from 2001 to 2003 at forest park high school. >> was almost faster with the ball on her feet than she was running straight up. >> reporter: krieger played at penn state. she's overcome a broken leg and blood clot. >> and then having the ability to make the national team, it's almost, you know, a movie.
10:47 pm
i mean it should be made into a movie. she's worked her butt off and she deserves what she gets. >> reporter: krieger and her team play again wednesday. owen. >> kick it. kick it. >> reporter: and the rest of prince william county will be cheering. beth parker, fox 5 news. >> you knew the storms were going to come. the other shoe has dropped. >> plenty of fuel for that, but i think this of even worse than many people thought. remember at 5:00, 6:00 you were watching that bow of thunderstorms. it really did explode over this area and lots of reports of lightning, a lot of people hearing loud cracks and, of course, tremendous rain and wind damage. just about every county has trees down. we'll show you in a moment on radar where things are now, but it's certainly settled down. there's really nothing going on from d.c. on west and our line of thunderstorms is mainly over on the eastern shore. so we'll give you a look here at radar, but wow, dramatic pictures tonight. if you were watching these
10:48 pm
stores coming into town, you know what we're talking about where it was almost like somebody was pulling a curtain across the sky, incredible to watch. i felt like i was watching a steven spielberg movie downstairs looking at the tower cam and radar together. we still have warnings on delaware. if you're watching at the beaches, some of these storms may be coming in your direction, but they are much weakened now compared to when they came through district and our eastern suburbs, tremendous lightning, slow movement, heavy rain and winds gusting close to 60 miles an hour took trees down in many areas. over to our radar map here putting it all in motion. this did start with a huge cluster of storms that moved through chicago earlier today and through ohio. what we found was this line intensifying as it was moving through our suv bubs here and now it has -- our suburbs here and now it has weakened out. we'll have another one of these convective systems sinking south out of ohio, second time for them to get hit today.
10:49 pm
this one will definitely head down south. will there be something isolated overnight? yes. mainly confined to the east. the thunderstorm watch is mainly for the eastern shore and calvert, st. mary's county until midnight. that will lightly get dropped at midnight. one more scorcher. get the fan, get the air conditioner. we do have some heat relief coming slowly but surely, but tomorrow is another hot one. we have a heat advisory issued by the national weather service from noon until 8:00 tomorrow. frederick isn't in it, leesburg, loudoun county, you're not in it either, but most of the rest of us will have that combination of heat and humidity feeling like 105 degrees. we were there today. we have may be breaking some records. these are the records for tomorrow, 99 for the district, 97 for dulles and bwi. it looks like these will easily get tied and maybe broken. that gives you an idea what we're looking at tomorrow and there could be a few more thunderstorms in the mix as a cool front tries to get closer
10:50 pm
tomorrow. we were 95 degrees today, brutally humid. it's still very humid now, but the storm cooled off the air a bit, 78 degrees for d.c. and annapolis, 79 quantico, but plenty of moisture in the air means there will be a lot of humidity around tomorrow and more heat for these storms to tap. here's what we'll change. we'll have a frontal system getting closer and less humid air behind it, not necessarily cooler. that front gets close tomorrow. it should swing through wednesday. we could pop a couple of thunderstorms as a the result of that front plowing through. once it goes through i think you'll notice less humid air wednesday, but as we look at our futurecast and watch the last of the storms not much to see at 8 a.m., maybe a cluster trying to come through western maryland. a couple storms can pass by probably tomorrow afternoon down to our south, but we might have a shower wednesday as the leading edge of the less hot air tries to drop our temperatures. maybe some showers south of d.c. on wednesday afternoon,
10:51 pm
isolated rumble of thunder as well. then it looks like the coast will be clear heading to the weekend. tonight warm, muggy, storms well east and should end. tomorrow a heat advisory kicks in. it's going to feel like 105 and records may break at 97, but better news wednesday, about 90 degrees, still hot, maybe an isolated thunderstorm, becoming less humid. thursday, friday and saturday is a nice break, about the best break you can get in july, upper 80s, but i think it will feel really good compared to today. with temperatures near triple digits tomorrow it's more important than ever to protect yourself from the sun. >> grabbing a bottle off the shelves and putting it on might not be enough. we'll hear about the best ways to save your skin. >> that's the most common mistake we see. >> reporter: dermatologist dr. brent moody talking about people not applying enough sunscreen on their body. he recommends putting on two ounces. >> right here is two ounces of sunscreen. each of these jars is one ounce. this is how much a teenager and
10:52 pm
adult needs to apply to thoroughly cover their entire body. more than most people are using, absolutely. >> reporter: when looking for the right sunscreen to buy? >> what i tell my patients to look for is an spf of 30 or higher. >> reporter: the other thing to look for are these two words on the bottle, broad spectrum. under usda guidelines it means the product has been tested to protect you from both uva and uba rays. once you buy the sunscreen, the rest is up to you like when you put it on. >> i recommend and most of the manufacturers recommend about 30 minutes ahead of time. >> reporter: don't wait until you get to the pool or beach. dr. moody says it's also important to reapply sunscreen. >> i think you need to reapply about every two hours to have maximum coverage and that number will decrease with heavy sweating or swimming. if you're getting very wet, you may need to apply every hour. >> reporter: a few areas of the body that get neglected are the
10:53 pm
ears and lips. dr. moody says look for an spf30 lip balm. do not use gloss. what if it's cloudy, could you still need sunscreen? >> absolutely -- do you still need sunscreen? >> absolutely. cloud cover provides very little blocking of ultraviolet light. it may look dark, but your skin is still getting the damage. >> reporter: dr. moody recommends wearing specially made sun protective clothing like this shirt for swimming or any outdoor activity. taking all these precautions is always better than the alternative. >> what we're seeing is a greater number of skin cancer cases every year. the most recent evidence shows about 3.5 million skin cancers will be diagnosed in the united states this year alone. the nation tomorrow will pause to honor tonight we're taking you inside home where the fords lived. see what they left behind when they moved into the white house next.
10:54 pm
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the white house announced first lady michelle obama will attend the funeral for betty ford. the former first lady died friday in california at the age of 93. before the ford family moved to the white house they lived in a home in alexandria. as fox 5's allison seymour shows us, mrs. ford never forgot the brick house where she raised her children. >> reporter: they lived in this house on crown view drive in alexandria for 23 years while gerald ford was in congress through his vice presidency, even 10 days into his presidency. today helen lloyd and her family call this brick house in the clover neighborhood of alexandria home. it sits just over the hill from a park dedicated to the former first family's memory, a place where the ford children used to
10:58 pm
play. helen treasures some of the things left behind by the fords including pieces of the original kitchen floor and parts of the old tiles from the pool that used to be in the backyard. there are newspaper clippings from long ago, even some visitors passes to the hill. >> one of them is signed by gerald r. ford and these are passes for his sons, ronnie, his eldest son to get him and go look around the house and the senate. >> reporter: the homeowner says mrs. ford actually kept this in touch. she sent this family snapshots just two weeks ago. >> she sent us a photo, the original photograph, of betty ford in the garden with susan ford and steven and the other two, jack and michael and president ford in the background, too. >> reporter: mrs. ford also kept in touch with the new homeowners about her beloved garden. >> mrs. ford sent us an e-mail
10:59 pm
through susan ford about six months, nine months ago and she wanted to know how her bushes were doing. even after all this time she was an avid gardener and interested in how the garden. is. >> reporter: the lloyds discovered something else in that garden, too perhaps a little known fact that the ford family had a pet alligator. legend has it that that alligator's final resting place is in the backyard. >> we haven't yet managed to find it. we did ask the ford family about it to find out where it might be. they couldn't quite remember where they buried it, but they do assure us it's in the garden somewhere. >> reporter: the fords moved out of this home in 1974 for their new residence at 1600 pennsylvania avenue, but their presence can be felt all through this alexandria home, a well documented chapter in a not too distant past. allison seymour, fox 5 news.


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